Welcome to Terraweb

Terraweb is a web based monitoring software designed for surveyors, geologists and civil engineers.

Terraweb's platform supports a variety of topographical, geotechnical and environmental sensors.
Terraweb is part of Terramove, the complete monitoring solution for monitoring constructions with multiple sensors.

view_list Features

list Multiple projects management

Users can monitor multiple projects and databases from their single account.

alarm Realtime alerting system

Realtime alerting system gives the opportunity to quickly track measurements that went off-limit.

layers Advanced geospatial features

Terraweb offers a variety of geospatial themes and options.

group Group aimed access

System access is separated based on user groups.

group_work Many supported instruments

Terraweb supports a variety of instruments including: Surveying points, inclinometers, boreholes and much more...

security Secure and fast

Terraweb is securely hosted on AWS but you can also host it on your own servers.

For more information contact us at info@iqsoft.gr